The Heroes

Azeem Nailo, “I am Azeem”

  • Sun Elf Ranger, Hunter
  • A hunted outlaw of the Elven Commonwealth
    • Stole many valuables from Lord Telvanas
  • Magic Items
    • Carries the longbow “Far Cry”
    • Possesses the Cube of Force
    • Wears the Cloak of Ascension

 Corbin Sand, The Red Reaper, The Bloody Bastard

  • Aurani Human Barbarian, Path of the Berserker
  • Bastard son of Lord Protector Myer Crownbourne of the Desert of Auranoch (deceased)
  • Has the demon lord Rak’tzarmal sealed inside of him
  • Magic Items
    • Wields the elven runeblade “Moonfall”
    • Girded with the Belt of Crimson Might
    • Bears the Ring of Freedom

 Ezekial, The Dragonslayer

  • Westerman Human Fighter/Wizard, Eldritch Knight/Evoker
  • Magic Items
    • Wields the Emerald Sword
    • Carries the Spellguard Shield
    • Wears the Heart of Iron

 Tarkonus ‘Flamebringer’, The Last Ethereal Knight

  • Hill Dwarf Cleric, Life Domain
  • Cleric of Aurasanna
  • Magic Items
    • Possesses the Candle of Invocation
    • Carries a Wand of Fireballs

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