One Shot Evil Game (~2003)

(Never finishes, but one of the characters sets the stage for things to come.)

The Necromancer Everstone finds the Eye of the Abyss, raises an undead army, and conquers the Eastern Realms, plunging it into darkness.

Age of Blood

Everstone is eventually defeated by the sacrifice of many brave heroes, but his vampire lords remain and continue to rule for 100 years.

Eventually, the hero, Oren, guided by the Goddess Aurasanna, finds the Stone of Solidarity and defeats the vampire lords, bringing peace to the Eastern Realms.

The Stone of Solidarity Campaign (~2006-2009)

80 years after Oren vanquished the vampire lords, the Stone of Solidarity is stolen from its holy resting place. A novice paladin of Aurasanna, Devaul, departs on a quest to retrieve it.

(Runs from level 7 to 14. The rest is novelized in this PDF.)

Stone of Solidarity – The Journey Continued

Reckoning Nights – The Demon War Campaign (~2011)

The Abyssal Seal is broken. Demons invade the Realms from Abyssal rifts that tear the world asunder. Heroes old and new must band together to save the Realms.

(Takes place immediately after Stone of Solidarity. Only ran from level 1 to 4. Novelized the rest in this PDF.)

Reckoning Nights – The Demon War – First Edition

New Beginnings Campaign (~2014-2018)

20 years after the Demon War, the Realms are still recovering when an ancient threat rises.

(Full 1 to 20 campaign. Summarized in this blog.)

Red Dawn Campaign (~2018-Present)

Two years after the Dragon War, the Kingdom of Auranoch struggles to rebuild, but some see this as the perfect opportunity to seize power. Can the Red Riders defend the kingdom in this time of turmoil?