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Fort Masana

  •  Defenses
    • Walls: collapsed in several places, but being repaired
    • Gate: shattered, but being replaced
    • Towers: melted by dragon fire
  • Courtyard: mostly in shambles
    • Smithy
      • Taylan Demirci, young, tall, friendly blacksmith and armorer
        • makes and maintains equipment
        • provides metal barding for horses
    • Makeshift Stables
      • Atila, grumpy stablemaster
        • provides warhorses
    • Apothecary Shack
      • Samara, devout herbalist
        • stocks you up to 3 potions of healing at the start of the session
        • provides one random potion at start of session
  • Support Units
    • Eliana, Company Chaplain
    • Nadira, Outrider



The Burning Ridge Plateau

  • the party sneaked across the upper levels of the plateau
  • they ambushed an isolated gnoll pack


The Valley of Bones

  • the party discovers a huge army of gnolls hidden in the valley canyons who appear to be gathering for an attack
  • they see how new gnolls are made
    • the gnolls bring a live captive to a Fang of Yeenoghu, who then slays it
    • a pack of hyenas feasts upon the body of the Fang’s kill and then transform into fully grown gnolls
  • the Fang heads deeper into the valley and the party follows him from above
  • eventually, he pays tribute to a Flind, an avatar of Yeenoghu who carries a brutal, three-headed flail, an opponent too powerful for them to defeat on their own
  • while leaving the valley, they find an isolated gnoll pack lord bearing a magical shield
  • the party sneaks down and kills the pack lord and takes his shield


Kiryat Masana, Auranoch

  • the party reports their findings back to the Captain
  • to defend against the imminent gnoll threat, they begin to evacuate the citizens
  • the Red Riders meet the gnoll army on the dunes outside the city to thin the herd
  • they retreat back to the city as hill giants approach on the horizon