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Fort Masana

  •  Defenses
    • Walls: collapsed in several places, but being repaired
    • Gate: shattered, but being replaced
    • Towers: melted by dragon fire
  • Courtyard: mostly in shambles
    • Smithy
      • Taylan Demirci, young, tall, friendly blacksmith and armorer
        • makes and maintains equipment
        • provides metal barding for horses
    • Makeshift Stables
      • Atila, grumpy stablemaster
        • provides warhorses
    • Apothecary Shack
      • Samara, devout herbalist
        • stocks you up to 3 potions of healing at the start of the session
        • provides one random potion at start of session
  • Support Units
    • Eliana, Company Chaplain
    • Nadira, Outrider



Kiryat Masana, Auranoch

  • Nadira explains that the gnolls are coming from the Valley of Bones to the northeast, past the Burning Ridge Plateau, but she can’t get any closer because of all the patrols
  • the heroes set off to assess the level and source of the gnoll threat while Captain Marcella has the walls of the fort rebuilt as fast as possible in case things get bad

The Dune Sea

  • slay a small gnoll band wandering not far from the city
  • investigate an abandoned tower
    • Sir Gregor climbs a treacherous area of the tower where the stairway collapsed
    • he finds a Rope of Climbing at the top between the body of two dead guards
  • fight a pack of hyenas in the shrub flats
  • at a small oasis, normally docile antelope attack the party

The Burning Ridge Plateau

  • rescue a Sun Elven druid named Luthien from a gnoll flesh gnawer that had chased her until she got tired
    • she agreed to accompany them
    • explained that the gnolls are demons spawned by Yeenoghu, the lap dog of Venos
  • fight another band of gnolls along the plateau top
  • reach the Twisting Ravines that lead to the Valley of Bones
    • from above, they can see several groups of gnolls wandering the ravines