Current Status of Fort Masana

  • Defenses
    • Walls: collapsed in several places
    • Gate: shattered
    • Towers: melted by dragon fire
  • Courtyard: mostly in shambles
    • Smithy
      • Taylan Demirci, young, tall, friendly blacksmith and armorer
        • makes and maintains equipment
        • provides metal barding for horses
    • Makeshift Stables
      • Atila, grumpy stablemaster
        • provides warhorses
    • Apothecary Shack
      • Samara, devout herbalist
        • stocks you up to 3 potions of healing at the start of the session
        • provides one random potion at start of session
  • Support Units
    • Eliana, Company Chaplain
    • Nadira, Outrider



Kiryat Masana, Auranoch

  • while relaxing in the Lost Princess
    • the party hears rumors of hobgoblins attacking trade caravans from Verena, the halfling owner/bartender
    • Captain Marcella comes in with orders to recruit Taylan Demirci, a promising young blacksmith in town
  • the party speaks with Taylan, who agrees to work for the Red Riders if they can recover his rare meteorite ore which was stolen in one of the hobgoblin attacks
  • Declan creates a mock caravan, and the party rides two days south on the Highroad, but don’t attract any attacks
  • they go the West Auranoch Trading Company’s trading post in the city and speak with the branch manager, Thamir
    • they find that the hobgoblins specifically target the wagons with arms, armor, and ore
    • Thamir allows them to interview his employees to see if any of them are suspicious
    • Eliana finds one man with a suspiciously expensive gold ring
      • Bur interrogates the man, but he says he got it from his wife, and then learns that he has a dark secret, he’s cheating on his wife(this was a lie, he was, in fact, the spy leaking information to the hobgoblins)
    • they ask if they can ride along with a caravan to protect against the next attack, in hopes of tracking them back to their base
  • the caravan is attack by hobgoblin cavalry
    • the party captures two of the hobgoblins and Bur manages to glean the location of their base from them
  • as the party rides towards the base a sandstorm starts brewing and Eliana asks if they mind stopping at a nearby village which is famous for its figs
  • as they approach the village, it’s obvious that something isn’t right
    • they’re hit with the stench of corpses, arrows litter the ground, and there are trails from the dragging of bloody bodies
    • the homes have all been broken into, with claw marks marring the doors, walls, and windows
    • the bodies have all been gathered in the village center and torn apart, yet all the money and valuables were left behind
  • they continue on to the hobgoblin’s base
    • as they enter the base, they find it in the same condition as the village, a graveyard
    • they find the meteorite ore and other stolen goods, but are ambushed by ravenous gnolls
    • they load the ore and one crate of weapons onto a wagon and escape before the gnolls overrun them
  • they return to the city and Taylan agrees to join them