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Kiryat Masana, Auranoch

  • the party have finished their basic training as Red Riders and are assigned to Captain Marcella’s company, which has been deployed to the fort at Kiryat Masana
  • the town lies along the high road and is still a long way from recovering from the Dragon War
  • the company has little in the way of support personnel
    • Atila, the stablemaster
    • Nadira, the outrider
    • Eliana, the chaplain
  • the fort sits atop a hill overlooking the town, but lies in ruin from the devastation of the Dragon War
    • the walls are collapsed in several places
    • the gate is shattered
    • the towers have been melted by dragonfire
    • the courtyard buildings lay in shambles
  • the party receives orders to recruit an herbalist from an outlying village by the name of Samara
  • a sparrow arrives from Nadira, saying a goblin raid is headed for the village
  • the party intercepts the goblin raid and fights them off
    • the goblins retreat, but take Samara with them
  • after resting in the village, the party track the goblilns back to their lair
  • they find the goblins holed up in an abandoned mine
    • they clear the mine out, but the goblin boss flees on worg-back
    • the party runs the goblin boss down in a horse chase and recover an Elven shortsword of warning
  • Samara is returned safely home and agrees to work for the Red Riders