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Session Date: September 16, 2017

After three and a half years, two editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and twenty levels; the campaign finally comes to a end. And not just this campaign, but perhaps the whole story of the Realms, this campaign world that I started one and a half decades ago.


The Langur Tann, Kaldur

  • Silvaras brings dire news to the party: his mother, Selendriel, and Lethias have been captured, and the Imperial Magi and an army of dragons have gathered at the city of Northwind and, in an excavated Knights Shadow temple upon an obsidian altar, they prepare for a ritual to summon the dragon goddess Tiamat

Caerwyn, Capital of Elemey

  • the party fly back to Caerwyn to gather their allies and form a plan to stop them
  • Queen Siana Rhaewyn the First pledges the Elemi Lancers and their small fleet of airships
  • Azeem enlists Dash with an offer of 56,000 gold for this last job, along with Edana
  • King Bardrok Kragmaul says that a suicide mission seems like a great way to redeem himself
  • Silvaras will follow Corbin wherever they need him
  • Valandriel and Doloriel, the Sun Lord’s eldest and full-elven daughter, say they’re going to rescue their mother regardless of the party’s plan
    • the party agree to rescue Selendriel and Lethias first
  • Ellestriel, the last Princess of the Moon and widow of Zerefin, is reluctant to join the fight, fearing for the welfare of her son, but Azeem promises to take care of the boy should the worst happen
  • Kronus the Black is reluctant to leave the Black Spire unguarded and untended in the event of his death, but Ezekiel assures him he will take over his watch if it comes to it
  • Nerezziel and her dark elf allies refuse to join the fight, believing that they can survive a dragon apocalypse
  • Eldaine, a sympathetic Imperial Magi who’s helped Ezekiel twice now, contacts the party and lets them know that not all the Magi support the idea of living under dragon overlords, and they will join the fight on the party’s side when it comes to it
  • Avrum and the Knights Torment along with their small army of knights will commit their forces however the party needs
  • the plan is simple: while their allies draw away the Imperial fleet and the dragon army, the party infiltrates the city, saves Selendriel and Lethias, then moves to stop the ritual directly

Northwind, Capital of Thanranon

  • Silvaras cloaks the Crimson Hawk as the rest of the party’s allies draw away the Imperials and the dragons
  • as they approach the city, the sky begins to darken and they realize that a solar eclipse is taking place
    • the party suddenly wonders if they should continue with their original plan or head directly to the ritual
    • they decide to stay the course and exit the ship in the courtyard of Northwind Keep
  • they fight their way through a company of draconians and find Jurandas on a cliff overlooking the ritual, preparing to sacrifice both Selendriel and Lethias
    • a grueling fight ensues, with Jurandas nearly getting the best of them, but Tarkonus finishes the dark elf in a blaze of sacred fire
  • they free Selendriel and Lethias and make haste to the ritual site
    • they are waylaid by draconians and Imperials, but the two tell the party to continue on as they hold them off
  • the party fights their way through the outer guards, and find Grandmaster Seraphina barring their way to the obsidian altar
    • Seraphina nearly kills them all, but while on death’s door, Corbin pushes through an overchanneled cone of cold to cut the Grandmaster down once and for all
    • Ezekiel takes up her sword, the Sword of Shadows
  • as the party approaches the obsidian altar, the sun is half blocked by the moon, and the dragon goddess Tiamat awaits, but is not yet at full strength
    • as the fight rages on, Mawganar simply waits, high above them
    • as Tiamat falls to the party, Mawganar descends and absorbs her divine essence
    • Ezekiel casts fly on the entire party, and they battle Mawganar in the skies above the altar
    • after a pitched battle, with a final slash of his elven runeblade Moonfall, Corbin takes the dragon’s head
  • the dragons scatter to the winds
  • seeing Ezekiel bearing the Sword of Shadows, the Imperial Magi submit to him
  • the essence within Mawganar joins with the party’s two other stones and forms the Source
    • Ezekiel takes it in his hands and it reveals the truth to him
    • the Source is the source of all elemental power in the world
    • the dragons were once the Aurasanna’s shining guardians of creation, but they were all corrupted by Venos, their scales lost their luster, and they became self-serving creatures of destruction
    • with the Source united, Tiamat would soon rise again
    • Ezekiel uses the Source to drain the power of the dragons and to rebirth the two great forests, Seldelar and Ley Seren, and the Source split apart, its pieces dispersing to the ends of the earth
  • the battle is won
    • flawless victory, no casualties among their allies, but one
  • the dragons’ find themselves growing weak and tired, retreating to caves and mountain perches, eventually falling asleep to never wake again, becoming stone-like statues