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The party heads west, past the end of the Empire and the Realms, into the frozen tundra of Kaldur.

  • The party makes their way to the Vindurslag, the tallest mountain in the world
  • The top of the mountain is hidden inside a raging, swirling, thunderstorm
    • Probably magical
  • They land the Crimson Hawk a few miles away and approach on foot
  • They battle frost giants and remorhazs in the middle of the storm
  • Tarkonus finds a path up the mountain and they battle their way to a gate that leads into the mountain itself
  • Winding their way through frozen halls, they pass around a massive shaft leading straight down to a pit of lava
    • Tarkonus sees a belt stuck on a rock in the middle of the lava, but it doesn’t burn
    • Azeem tries flying down to retrieve the belt, but the heat is too intense for him to reach it
  • They make their way back outside and see massive, floating rock formations surrounding the summit, with floating stone stairways forming a path upwards
  • As they climb, they battle a storm giant who can disperse herself into the storm
    • They force her to retreat, and the storm withdraws with her
  • They enter the last and largest of the floating rocks, and find a large chamber where the Empyrean waits on his golden throne
    • Ezekiel burns the Empyrean to death, and the storm giant flies into a rage
    • Corbin beheads the storm giant
  • Tarkonus takes Armor of Ifrit from the Empyrean’s collection, armor that wards off any fire or flame
    • He uses the armor and Azeem’s cloak to brave the heat and retrieve the belt, which they find to be the Empyreal Wrap, a belt of epic strength
  • They return to the Crimson Hawk and find Silvaras waiting for them