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After three separate sessions spread over the last five months, it’s finally over.


  • The heroes decide to find the last unaccounted for gem, the Eye of the Abyss
  • Using the Trevusphere, they determine that the Eye is in a secluded Temple in the northern territory of the Empire
  • As they fly towards the area, the entire ship is overtaken by a wave of darkness that spread across the entire horizon


  • The party awakened in a strange, nightmarish dreamscape where everything was in shades of gray and black wind obscured everything beyond their immediate area
  • As they wandered through the darkness they stumbled upon Nathan’s farm, the home of Ezekiel’s mentor, and witnessed Grandmaster Seraphina and the Imperial Magi killing Nathan and ransacking the place in search of the Verdant Star, the green gem
    • as they attempt to interfere with the scene playing out, the Imperial Magi attack them and out of the darkness steps a man in black armor with a skull mask and crimson cloak
    • as they defeat them, they fade away
  • Next found themselves in a field in the middle of the Ghostwood, with Magus standing at the center holding the white gem, the Heaven’s Spark
    • as he uses it, as wave of light explodes around him, and a field of flower blooms in the middle of the dead forest, and Magus falls unconscious
    • the man in the crimson cloak appears again with a fire giant in black armor and they lead an attack on the party
  • Then the party are in a tunnel and hear fighting up ahead
    • It’s a vision of themselves fighting the draconians in the mine north of Tortaron, where they find the red gem, the God’s Blood
    • the man in the crimson cloak appears again with a frost giant in black armor and the draconians attack the party
  • The darkness gives way to the Imperial capital of Harthanmoor when Seraphina revealed that the Empire had the power of the blue gem, the Spirit of the Sky
    • the man in the crimson cloak appears once again, introducing himself as Avrum of the Knight Torment, with a mind flayer lich and they attack with the dreams Imperials
  • Then they were back in the Dwarven Halls of Kor Garan, facing off against the death knight Lord Kragmaul and the balor and also Avrum and a High Priest of Tornara
    • afterwards the yellow gem, the Light of Dawn was revealed to them
  • Then they were shown a vision of Northwind, the gateway between East and West, where Mawganar sat perched atop the main keep, and a circle of Magi led by Grandmaster Seraphina performed a summoning ritual
    • as they completed it, six massive dragon heads rose out of the circle
    • then they saw the world in flames, with dragons dotting the sky
  • Then they were in a dark cavern, with Avrum once again, and he explains that he is not the master here
    • Out of the shadows, a beholder launches an attack on them
      • after a pitched battle, Tarkonus incinerates the beholder in a storm of fire and the darkness fades away

Temple of Tornara, Somewhere in the Northern Imperial Forests

  • The party stands across from Avrum and the other members of the Knights Torment: the fire giant Haskel, the frost giant Izzur, the High Priest Zalman, and the mind flayer lich Lusyllec
  • Between them is the corpse of the beholder, Dovid, and embedded in its eye is the black gem, the Eye of the Abyss
  • Avrum offers the party a temporary alliance to stop the Knight Shadow from summoning the dragon goddess, Tiamat, and to defeat Mawganar
  • Avrum gives them information about the Ifrit’s Plate, a suit of armor that can withstand even the fire from a dragon god
    • Corbin uses the Trevusphere, and discovers that the Ifrit’s Plate is in the hall of a titan atop the Langur Tann, one of the tallest mountains in the world, surrounded by a swirling vortex of storm and lightning, the the southwest in the frozen lands of Kaldur
  • The party sails off towards Kaldur