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Deep in the Forests of Ley Seren

  • stranded down river from the Elven capital, Corbin’s brother, Silvaras, contacts the party and wants to meet with them
    • Silvaras’s spell goes awry and he and his sister land at the nearby mountain range, by Elder’s Crest, an old Elven watchtower
  • Azeem leads the party through the forest to meet up with them
  • the party runs into large bands of naga, ogres, and goblins
  • eventually the party meets up with Silvaras and Valandriel
    • Val and Corbin sense a powerful evil deep within the mountain
    • as a paladin of Souladil, she can not abide its presence and ask the party to help her vanquish it
  • the group sets off into a mountain pass and finds a ancient tunnel from the First Age
    • Tarkonus notices its construction is a strange mix of Dwarven and Elven masonry

Under the Giant’s Teeth Mountains

  • leads to a small undermountain outpost that’s been long abandoned and then desecrated by the ogres and goblins, turned into camp and sacrificial blood altar to whatever lies within
  • the group finds keys of light to open heavy mithril gates
  • they finally enter the main chamber and confront a pit fiend, a beast of flame and shadow
    • after a vicious battle, the party emerges victorious and sends the devil back to the Abyss
  • Ezekiel finds an old Elven journal from the First Age

Ancient Elven Journal Excerpt from the First Age

…these humans, calling themselves the Knights Shadow, have formed an alliance with the dragons. What could the dragons possibly stand to gain in exchange for their aid? This I cannot fathom, but it matters not…