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Deep in the Forest, Ley Seren

  • the party defeats an Elven wind runner patrol

Elransi, Ley Seren

  • Azeem meets an old friend, Nethrendir, who agrees to help them get to the Sunspire
  • Nethrendir explains that the Council of Thorns has called a meeting of the nobles for an announcement, pulling back most of the Commonwealth forces to the capital
  • Nethrendir suggests to sneak the party in using his largest, most ostentatious carriage drawn by six white horses
    • given his position, it won’t seem out of place

Seren Tir, the Capital of Ley Seren

  • riding in Nethrendir’s carriage, the party enters the capital, and the Sunspire’s courtyard without incident
  • the major of the Wind Runners and the Elven army is arrayed within, along with a gathering of all the major noble houses
  • as the party is about to the enter the Sunspire, Lord Telvanas takes the stage and reveals that he is actually a dark elf demonologist, Jurandas of House Lirnoris
  • the Imperial Magi, lead by the Imperial flagship, and the Red Dragon Flight launch a surprise attack on the capital
  • the party rushes up the Sunspire, which is bombarded by airship and dragons
    • as they reach the top, they find the ceiling and crystal atop the spire blasted away
    • the table where Magus was is empty
    • Azeem and Ezekiel quickly grab some books from Jurandas’s library before they descend back down the spire
  • back at ground level, the courtyard and the skies are in chaos as magi, dragons, elves, and draconians battle it out
  • two horses are left of the carraige, which the party takes and flees north east towards the river
  • a blue dragon moves to intercept them, and is quickly brought down
  • at the gate out of the courtyard, they are met by Jurandas who has a bone to pick with Azeem
    • after a short, but vicious fight between Jurandas and the party, the dark elf retreats



Sun Elven noble who’s sympathetic to the Loyalists. Azeem has done helped him in the past, and he’s more than happy to help Azeem and his friends in any way he can.

Jurandas of House Lirnoris

One of the last surviving dark elves from the purged city of Nar Maser. Took the place of Lord Telvanas and slowly worked his revenge against the Sun Elves from within. As the final step of his plan, he traded Magus to the Red Dragon Flight and the Imperial Magi in exchange for them destroying what’s left of the Elven Commonwealth.