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Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary

  • Kronus tells the party that Magus’s body is missing
    • they suspect he either woke up or he was taken
  • Jacques and Fritz, the Black Spire’s door guards, said Virion visited the Spire with a Sun Elf noble, who was later revealed to be Lord Telvanas, leader of the Elven Commonwealth
  • The party confronts Virion about Magus being missing and Virion acts like he has no idea what they’re talking about
  • Nerezziel introduces herself to the group, says she’s trying to figure out what her brother, Virion, is doing because she knows it can’t be good
  • Ezekiel uses the Trevusphere and finds that Magus is still in a coma in an arcane laboratory at the Sunspire of Seren Tir, the capital of Ley Seren, and sees a shadowy figure in the room with him
  • Hear that the Sun Elves don’t have any powerful wizards
  • The party sets out aboard the Crimson Hawk for the border of the Elven Commonwealth

Eastern Border, Elven Commonwealth of Ley Seren

  • Azeem leads the party on foot through the Elven forest
    • Something seems off about the forest, eerily quiet, like the life is missing from it
  • The party stumbles upon Elven patrols and dispatch them as make their way to the capital


Virion of House Vanmarthak

The new Lord Protector of Sanctuary. Seems untrustworthy. Is making friends with the Sun Elves who should be his hated enemy.

Nerezziel of House Vanmarthak

Virion’s younger sister. Wants to preserve Zerefin’s dream of a free nation. One of Sanctuary’s Shadow Guard.