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The Halls of Tharum Tor, Kor Garan

  • King Kragmaul pulls the hood of his tattered cloak over his head and he disappears
    • but Ezekiel casts a spell to see through the death knight’s invisibility
  • a balor emerges from the pentagram below the throne and the concubines turn out to be succubi
  • Azeem activates his angel wings and leads the succubi on a chase through the air
  • Ezekiel and Corbin charge the death knight, and everyone tries to avoid the rampaging balor
  • King Kragmaul is defeated, but Tarkonus and Corbin are on death’s door
  • Azeem summons a team of pixies to polymorph Corbin and Ezekiel into giant gorillas
  • Gorilla Corbin and Gorilla Ezekiel battle the balor King Kong style
  • the balor whips the pixie that polymorphed Corbin, and Corbin returned to normal form
  • Corbin takes his elven runeblade, Moonfall, and cleaves into the balor and it explodes in a storm of fire
  • Corbin comes flying out of the flames and double amputates an unsuspecting succubus
  • King Kragmaul presents Ezekiel with his cloak, the Wraithmantle, and swears fealty to him
  • they pick up the Light of Dawn, one of the six gems
  • the death knight leads them into his personal treasure vault where they find a couple enchanted items and a fortune in gold


King Bardrok Kragmaul

The Dwarven King of Kor Garan, turned death knight for betraying his kingdom and its people for the promise of eternal power.


The Light of Dawn

A small, golden colored gem of unknown material and ancient power and purpose.

The Wraithmantle

A tattered, black cloak. When its hood is drawn, it hides the wearer from the eyes of men.