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Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary

  • the heroes attend Zerefin’s funeral where they have bagpipes playing funeral songs
  • Ellestriel, Zerefin’s widow, tells Ezekiel not to blame themselves after Ezekiel tries to apologize for not arriving in time to save him, but doesn’t look sure that she really believes that
  • heard rumors that a dark elf by the name of Virion Vanmarthak would likely become the new Lord Protector
  • Kronus finds the heroes and tells them that it could be him in that casket if they hadn’t gone to the Black Spire
    • he also says that the party’s ship looks familiar, asks if he may have a look around it
    • he finds that the control sphere of the ship is actually the Trevusphere, an artifact that can be used to locate any treasure
    • seeing the sphere jogs his memory and he remembers that the ship used to belong to Harken Hawk
    • Kronus explains that the stronger connection to the item you’re looking for, the easier it is to home in on it
  • Ezekiel asks Tarkonus to see if he can find the stones with the Trevusphere
  • Tarkonus uses the Trevusphere, and his eyes go blank as he grips the sphere
    • he sees the blue gem, the Spirit of the Sky, is back west in the Imperial capital of Harthanmoor around Seraphina’s neck
    • he finds the black gem is in the same city, but the vision is cloudy and he’s not sure who has it
    • and his vision crosses the world and dives deep into a familiar place to him, the Halls of Tharum Tor in the south
      • he sees an armored dwarf sitting on a throne with a yellow gem, the Light of Dawn, in his hand
      • the dwarf has two burning yellow eyes that turn to him and he says, “I see you,” in a distorted voice
    • Tarkonus releases the Trevusphere in a cold sweat and explains what he saw
  • news from the north is grim, the Red Dragonflight has ravaged most of Greyfell and is pushing towards Delrune’s capital
  • Ezekiel and Azeem asked Virion if he would be interested in forming an alliance with other nations, like the dwarves of Kor Garan and the men of Elemey
    • he said if he could convince them, then sure, but doesn’t seem very enthusiastic or cooperative

Caerwyn, Elemey

  • the party makes a short stop to speak with Queen Siana, who receives them warmly
  • they have dinner and the party explains about the gems and asks Siana if she’d be willing to form an alliance to stop the Empire and the Red Dragonflight
  • she agrees and gives them writs with her royal seal and makes them official ambassadors

Tharum Tor, Kor Garan

  • the heroes fly to the dwarven mountain ranges to the south
  • Tarkonus had been to Tharum Tor four decades ago, and he remembers where the entrance gate into the mountain is there should be a small town for receiving guests and travelers
  • they find the town and the gate, but it’s all in ruins
    • seems they’ve been destroyed for 15-20 years
  • they travel deep into the dwarven halls and find bones and broken armor, cracked weapons, the entire stronghold in ruins
  • as they make their way through the cavernous halls and across the massive bridges, they find packs of demons and devils
  • eventually, they arrive at the throne room and find a single being, the former dwarven king, Bardrok Kragmaul, now an immortal death knight
    • on the arm of his throne sits a shining, golden gem, the Light of Dawn
    • they ask him to fight with them against the dragons and the Empire to redeem himself
    • King Kragmaul says he shall test them first