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Watcher’s Rest, Capital of Sanctuary

  • the heroes face off against Gorram Man-breaker and the elite warriors of the Bleeding Hand, the Orog-hai
  • Corbin cuts down each of the Orog-hai warriors as fast as they can come at him
  • Tarkonus is thrown around like a rag doll by the warchief
  • Azeem finishes Gorram with an enchanted arrow that he fired out the window of one building, across the streets and the canal, through another window into a different building, and through the warchief’s skull, blasting it apart
  • Ezekiel checks Zerefin and finds that he’s succumbed to his wounds
    • recovers his body and his sword, Baxicurel
  • with the warchief defeated, Sanctuary’s army manages to fight off the Horde of the Bleeding Hand, who slowly retreat from the field