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The Fields Outside of Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary

  • the green dragon Shadowthorn emerges from the river and ambushes the party
    • Azeem finally uses his magical arrows, which streak though the air like shooting stars, and together the party cripples Shadowthorn’s wing
    • Corbin’s sword Moonfall effortlessly slices through the dragon’s hide
    • Tarkonus saves Corrac, who’s almost killed by the dragon’s deadly poison breath
    • Ezekiel unleashes a literal storm of lighting, and finishes Shadowthorn with a bolt of lighting as the dragon tried to flee back into the river
  • Ezekiel takes some of the dragon’s webbing
  • Tarkonus finds nothing but rusty swords in the dragon’s belly
  • Corrac carves off a few of the dragon’s scales
  • the Imperial dreadnought continues to approach as does one more storm cloud covering the orc advance
  • they fight their way back across the battlefield to the city

Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary

  • the heroes meet Zerefin at his command post in the city square
  • the entire city is rocked by a huge explosion that came from the last storm cloud, and they see huge chunks of the city’s wall go flying into the air
  • Zerefin rushes towards the wall even as the Imperial dreadnought passes over heading straight for the Black Spire
    • the heroes decide to head to the Black Spire to stop the Imperial Magi
  • as they near the Spire, the heroes are confronted by Grandmaster Seraphina
    • Seraphina says that Ezekiel’s mentor, Nathan, was a traitor to their order
      • before they joined the Empire, they were known as the Knights Shadow
      • she draws the Sword of Shadow, a blade of shifting void, like a black scar in the fabric of reality
      • Ezekiel draws the Emerald Sword in return
      • Corbin gets a few solid hits in before Seraphina locks him in a forcecage
      • the Grandmaster stuns Azeem with a word of power
      • Seraphina blasts Tarkonus with ice and lightning, before pulling him into a whirlwind
      • then she teleports away
  • they see the Imperial dreadnought retreat
  • Ellestriel arrives and frees Corbin from the forcecage, and asks if they’ve seen her husband
  • she says that Kronus and the others were able to hold back their attack at the Spire
  • the heroes head towards the front line
  • they find Zerefin laying in the middle of a legion of orc corpses, and standing above him, the orc warchief, Gorram Man-Breaker


Grandmaster Seraphina of the Imperial Magi

Leader of the Imperial Magi, and apparently the Knights Shadow. She is a master of abjuration and evocation, and she wields the Sword of Shadow, an artifact passed down from the very beginning of their order. Around her neck hangs the Spirit of the Sky, one of the six gems that everyone wants.

Ellestriel, Daughter of the Moon

The former princess of the now extinct moon elven kingdom, she is now Sanctuary’s first lady alongside her husband, Zerefin. An archmage in her own right, she has been instructing new pupils in the ways of the moon elves’ arcane traditions so that their magic might live on, even if their people do not.

Gorram Man-Breaker, Warchief of the Horde of the Bleeding Hand

A force of nature who has gathered first a clan, then a tribe, then an army, and now a horde under his primal might. There hasn’t been a horde this size in almost three decades, not since Terym marched on Ley Seren.