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trouble_ahead_by_donmalo-d7o7byx (1)


  • Caerwyn, Capital of Elemey
    • there’s a somber funeral for King Griffith Rhaewyn
    • Princess Siana is crowned Queen Siana Rhaewyn I
      • her first official act as queen is to present medals of heroism to the party for saving the capital
    • there are two letters among Illarion Voronov’s belongings
      • the first letter is signed “S,” who they suspect is Grand Master Seraphina of the Imperial Magi, berating Voronov for breaking their deal
      • another they suspect is from someone in the Knights Torment, signed “A,” wondering what the hell Voronov is doing
    • the party has no time to waste, and takes the Crimson Hawk east to Watcher’s Rest
  • Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary
    • as their airship approaches Watcher’s Rest, they see huge storm clouds approaching the city
    • the party meets with Zerefin, Hero of the Demon War and Lord Protector of Sanctuary, in his war room where he briefs them on the situation
      • the orc horde of the Bleeding Hand is lead by Gorram Manbreaker, an orc of extreme strength to gather a horde of this size
      • the green dragon Shadowthorn has been spotted throughout the orcs’ ranks
      • storm giants have created huge storms to conceal the horde’s advance on the city’s walls
      • he doesn’t know what the horde wants with the city, but he suspects their after Magus or want to break the Abyssal Seal under the Black Spire
      • Ezekiel suspects they’re after the gems, because everyone is after the gems
    • Zerefin asks the party if they can handle one of the storm giants
    • the party marches to battle with Sanctuary’s troops, fighting their way through through the orcs and the storm
    • they find one of the storm giants on the other side of the river
      • Tarkonus unleashes a storm of fire across the bridge that mows down a squad of orogs, the orc elite
    • after they defeat the storm giant, the storm lets up in their area
    • as the sky clears, they see blue dragons and an Imperial dreadnought in the distance
    • as they turn return to the city, something explodes out of the river behind them, and they hear a booming roar
    • Shadowthorn is upon them