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  • Caerwyn, Capital of Elemey
    • as the Crimson Hawk nears the city of Caerwyn, a globe of darkness sits ominously where the city should be
    • they land the ship outside the globe, leaving Princess Siana with Dash and Edana while they investigate
    • they enter the globe of darkness and find that everyone inside is in a deep slumber
    • the heroes make their way to the palace
    • Royal Palace, Caerwyn
      • the gates are all open, the guards are asleep at their posts, but uninjured
      • they enter the throne room and find King Griffith Rhaewyn laying dead beneath his throne and a man, the Warstranian enchanter Illarion Voronov (the guy who cursed the Princess in the first place), standing above his cold lifeless body
        • before Voronov even speaks, the heroes charge forward
        • it becomes apparent that Voronov is a vampire
        • Tarkonus manages to turn the undead enchanter, and Voronov retreats further into the palace
        • wolves burst through the stained glass windows and vampire spawn rush to meet them
        • they see Voronov flee into the Royal Crypts
    • Royal Crypts, Caerwyn
      • the heroes explore the crypts, finding a few Elemey guards still alive that they send back, and battling some wraiths and banshees
      • in one of the rooms, guarded by some deadly traps, they find a spell book and an exquisite flute
      • in one of the crypts, they find a coven of night hags
        • the hags turn Corbin in a frog
        • they were maintaining the ritual spell that kept the city in perpetual darkness
      • at the other end of the crypt, they find a flooded chamber
        • they find the Cloak of Ascension in a king’s tomb
      • they don’t find any sign of Voronov inside
    • Royal Palace, Caerwyn
      • as they make their way back into the throne room, they see the bodies of the guards that they’d met in the crypts
      • Voronov attacks from the shadows
        • the vampire dominates Ezekiel for a bit, forcing him to turn his radiant blade on Corbin, before Tarkonus dispels the enchantment
        • Voronov moves like the wind, dashing around the room
          • Corbin grabs him to keep him in place, but the vampire turns into mist in his hands
        • Azeem uses the Cube of Force to trap himself, the vampire, Corbin, and Ezekiel in an inescapable arena
        • Ezekiel fills the cube with a wall of fire, but gets charmed by the vampire, and Voronov tricks him into dispelling it
        • Corbin gets cursed repeatedly, preventing him from cutting Voronov to pieces
        • Azeem is laid low by Voronov’s blade and magicks, almost dies twice
        • eventually Corbin cleaves Voronov into mist, and Ezekiel uses the Emerald Sword to obliterate the vampire for good
        • a ring falls from the remains
    • Princess Siana mourns the loss of her father, and frets over the fate of her kingdom
      • allows the heroes to keep anything they’ve found in the Royal Crypts as a reward for saving her and defeating Voronov
    • Elemey scouts report that the orc horde is far larger than they had imagined
      • orcs bearing the banner of the Bleeding Hand have emerged from the forests to the east, but instead of heading here, have turned east towards Sanctuary


The Cloak of Ascension

A snow white cloak with shining gold trim, blessed by Aurasanna. When activated, the cloak transforms into a pair of glowing, angelic wings that shine like beacon of hope.

The Ring of Freedom

There are no strings on me.