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  • Reunited with Dash and Eldana, the party takes Princess Siana of Caerwyn east aboard the Crimson Hawk
  • they travel north, around the border of the Elven forest of Ley Serne
  • as they near Grayfell, Tarkonus mentions an abandoned Ethereal Knights temple that’s on their way, which may contain some forgotten treasure
  • Plains of Grayfell, near the ruins of Vanyard
    • Encounter – Orc Raiding Party
      • Azeem saw a group of orcs, ogres, and a hill giant in the distance
      • as they approached, he mowed them down with a rain of arrows
      • they belonged to the Bleeding Hand tribe, as signified by the red hand symbols in their tattoos, markings, and banners
  • Ruins of Vanyard, Grayfell
    • the party enters the ruined city, leveled during the Demon War
    • Encounter – Orcs and Trolls
    • Ethereal Temple
      • the temple is mostly intact
      • Encounter – Orc Elite
        • inside, the party faces a group of orog-hai with a giant, supported by some orc shamans
        • during the battle, an orc chieftan swoops in atop of wyvern
      • after the battle, Ezekiel finds a stairway behind the altar
        • he follows it down into a small chamber with two stone statues flanking an ornate set of doors, with orc corpses strewn before them
        • Ezekiel approaches and the statues come to life and attack him, he turns around and finds that the exit is blocked by a sphere of annihilation, and is beat to near death
      • as Ezekiel falls, the sphere disappears and the party is able to enter the room
        • they heal Ezekiel and defeat the stone guardians
      • past the door, they find a chamber with the same circles of runes that they saw in the previous temple
        • Tarkonus plays his flute, activating the runes, and transporting them into an ethereal vault with a chest full of treasure


The Emerald Sword

Spellguard Shield

Candle of Invocation

Cube of Force

Adamantine Breastplate