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  • Imperial Palace, Harthanmoor
    • Tell Princess Siana of Elemey they’re here to rescue her
      • Siana tells them the Imperials cured her illness, but are now keeping her hostage as leverage over her father, King Griffith
    • As they open the door of the throne room, the full might of the Imperial forces is arrayed outside
      • Grandmaster Seraphina, four Magi, a company of guardsmen, two blue dragons, and two gunships
      • the party is encased in a wall of force
      • Corbin promptly shuts the door
      • the Magi teleport into the throne room
        • Seraphina tells the group to surrender
        • she recognizes Ezekiel as the Dragonslayer and Nathan’s ward, and says that was strange since Nathan had vowed never to train anyone again
        • she says she’s known Nathan a long time
    • suddenly, the world becomes hazy and all color fades from it, one wall collapses behind them as the arm of a Nightmare reaches in and snatches one of the Magi
      • Seraphina teleports away, and the wall of force drops
    • the party runs outsides as the Magi attack the Nightmare
    • the entire company of guardsmen are standing in a stupor, in the next courtyard a dragon circles a giant Nightmare that towers over the wall
    • an Imperial gunship crashes through a nearby wall, and lands in the courtyard
      • Corbin rips open the door, the entire crew is in the same dazed stupor
      • they through out the crew, tie up the Navigator, and Ezekiel pilots the gunship, flying them north, over the mountains
    • an Imperial gunship gives chase
      • Azeem and Korrac man the two cannons, while Corbin and Tarkonus reload them
      • Azeem fires a shot that nearly tears the Imperial ship in half
      • after slugging it out, the Imperial gunship eventually falls out of the sky and crashes, but their ship isn’t looking much better
  • Mountain Range North of Harthanmoor, the Empire
    • they take a short rest while they come up with a plan
    • they decide to head to Kendreoth to warn them of the Imperial attack, and then bring the Princess home to Elemey
    • they force the Imperial Navigator to fly the ship overnight to save travel time
    • shortly after they take off, while Azeem is watching the Navigator, the Navigator turns invisible
    • Azeem wakes the rest of the party, and they search and find one of the exterior doors is open
    • they park the ship in the forest for the night
  • Overland, The Empire
    • after days of uneventful travel, they hear the roar of a dragon as it lands on their ship
    • they go up top and find a Magus riding a blue dragon
    • Corbin tears into the dragon, and before it flies off Korrac finishes it with a well shot from the cannon, and the Magus detaches herself and falls through the sky
    • Ezekiel does some fancy flying and catches the falling Magus, as she hits the top of the ship, Corbin removes her head, and Azeem puts an arrow through it as it sails through the sky
  • Tortaron, Kendreoth
    • Ezekiel lands the ship outside of the city and they destroy it
    • they arrive in the three-walled city safely