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  • As they approach Harthanmoor, a giant blue, beam of lights shoots into the sky from the city’s direction
  • Harthanmoor, The Empire
    • the city is in high spirits as they prepare for St. Aldren’s Day
    • they hear news of a big annoucement later in Aldren Square
    • Aldren Square
      • the Imperial Magi and Knights are lined up, with Grand Master Seraphina at the head of the assembly
        • she announces that the Empire has an ancient artifact that controls blue dragons, the nation of Elemey has allied with them, and they’re going to war with Kendreoth
        • two dragons land with magi riding them for emphasis
        • Eldaine, an Imperial Magi that Ezekiel had met when he helped Cynder the gnome warlock escape at the start of the campaign, sees Ezekiel and sends him a message telling him to meet her at the Silver Sparrow
    • Silver Sparrow Brothel
      • the party meets Eldaine in a backroom
        • she explains that the Princess has been cured of her illness, but is being held hostage to blackmail Elemey into helping the Empire in the East
        • she also says no one knew that the stones they’ve been looking for could control dragons
        • she notices that Tarkonus is an ethereal knight, and says that they might have had a way to get into the palace, as they were close to oligarchy before the Empire took power
      • Tarkonus remembers the location of an Ethereal Temple in the mountains north of the city
  • Ethereal Knights’ Temple, Mountains North of Harthanmoor
    • after a day of travel, they find a hidden entrance in the mountain range
    • the temple is abandoned, but has demons, traps, and treasure
    • at the end, they find a rune circle, which is actually the notes of a song
      • Tarkonus plays his pan flute and it transports them into the ethereal plane, where a passage leads back towards the city
  • The Imperial Palace, Harthanmoor
    • the ethereal passage leads them into Imperial Palace
    • they sneak through part of the palace, then fight through Imperial Knights and Magi in the courtyards, to the main keep and in the throne room
    • Ezekiel notices that the Imperial Magi have a familiar fighting and casting style
    • find Princess Siana in a lavish bedroom


Bracers of Archery

Wand of Fireballs

The Belt of Crimson Might