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  • Kiryat Masana, Auranoch
    • The party regroups at the Aurani stronghold with Lethias and Selendriel
    • Silvaras and Valandriel arrive and break the bad news to Corbin, their father, King Myer of the Desert, is dead, killed by Mawganar
    • rumors have spread about how Ezekiel killed one of the red dragons, earning him the title “the Dragonslayer”
    • Ezekiel finds an ancient fairytale about a boy who finds six stones and summons a powerful spirit, who asks if he wants to save the world, or destroy it
    • the halfling smuggler, Korric, has heard there’s a miracle gemstone keeping the Princess of Caerwyn alive
    • Lethias gives Azeem a Quiver of Souladil and twenty magical arrows
    • the party decides to travel to Watcher’s Rest and speak with Kronus
  • Highpass, Delrune
    • the town seems fearful in the light of the attack on Auranoch
    • short stop for supplies, and the party keeps moving
  • Along the Highroad, Sanctuary
    • to the south, at Vanyard, now a ruin since the Demon War, there was a chapter of Tarkonus’s extinct order, one the six ancient knightly orders
    • Encounter – Elemental Ambush
      • the party is ambushed by air and earth elementals
      • Tarknous exploded an earth elemental for 104 damage with a crit, lvl 5 inflict wounds
    • a mile off the Highroad, they find half the wreckage of a airship, possibly destroyed by a dragon, picked clean by orcs
    • find the remains of a caravan, attacked by orcs
  • Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary
    • meet with Jacques, the door guard, and Kronus the Black
    • Kronus has had no luck extracting the stones
      • they have homogenized with each other and the host, Magus
      • unable to manipulate them as they are, would probably have more luck with a sample
      • Corbin asks if they could somehow use the demon lord inside him to fight the dragon, which Kronus tells him is pure crazy talk, the demon lord would kill them all
    • the halfling smuggler finds an airship that’ll take the party to Caerwyn
    • hear that orcs and gnolls are warring to the southwest
  • Overland, between Sanctuary and Elemey
    • they pass over the forest where orcs and gnolls are warring
    • Azeem detects a dragon presence in the forest as they fly over
  • Caerwyn, Elemey
    • Azeem detects a dragon presence in or around the city
    • dragons have been sighted around the country
    • the castle guard tells them that the Imperials were here a couple days ago and have taken Princess Siana to Harthanmoor, the Imperial Capital
    • they get an audience with King Griffith of House Rhaewyn, Rightful Ruler of Elemey, and Faithful Servant of Aurasanna
      • he says the Imperial Magi came and said they could cure his daughter if they could bring her to the Imperial Academy
        • desperate to cure her, with no other options at that point, he agreed
      • Princess Siana was cursed by a Stranian sorcerer, Illarion Voronov, the former heir of the now defunct Warstran, a month prior
        • Illarion sought the Princess’s hand in marriage as his first step in restoring Warstran
        • the memories of the King and the guards gets fuzzy after that, they don’t remember what he did exactly or how he left
        • she grew severely ill, and it seemed her death was certain
        • one of her mother’s gemstone necklaces, a blue sapphire, miraculously seemed to stave off the sickness and stabilize her
      • the party decides to travel to Harthanmoor, resecures the services of the same airship, pay him enough to brave the dangerous skies