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Done with NaNoWriMo. Here’s a long overdue summary.


  • Hobgoblin Camp
    • they sneak into the tunnel and free Valandriel
    • they alert the entire camp to their presence
      • with thaumaturgy, Tarkonus shouts out a challenge
    • Corbin rushes out to fight the fire giant mano-e-mano
      • does tons of damage before being hammered into the ground
    • Ezekiel blows away groups of hobgoblins with THUNDER
    • Silvaras pretends to get stabbed, no one is amused
  • Oriac Invaded
    • after they return to the capital, an army of draconians descends upon Oriac from the north east
    • Waves of Draconians
      • Corbin jumped up to catch a flying Kobaaz and dragged it to the ground
      • Corbin was thunderwaved off a building by a draconian sorcerer, flung across the alley, smashed into the building on the otherside, and fell through a market stall
    • Karsyan, young red dragon
      • Azeem does tons of damage, as usual
      • Ezekiel chases down the Karsyan and finishes it off with a thunder orb, blowing off its wing and the dragon crashes into some buildings, and tumbles to the ground
  • Mawganar, “Death on Crimson Wings”
    • when they think they’ve won, a legendary dragon appears overheard, flying towards the palace


Ring of Fire Resistance, “Forge-sight”

For the clumsy blacksmith.

I kept burning myself and thought to myself, you know what I need? A magic ring.

+1 Studded Leather Armor

When normal armor just isn’t cutting it.