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  • Left for Auranoch aboard the Crimson Hawk
    • Encounter – Council of Thorns
      • ground of Sun elf pegasus riders attack the ship lead by Council druids
      • find out Azeem is an outlaw wanted by the Elven Commonwealth
  • Oriac, Capital of Auranoch
    • meet Valandriel, Corbin’s step sister, who hasn’t forgiven him for almost killing their brother, Silvaras
    • meet Silvaras, Corbin’s step brother, who appears out of thin air and has a giant scar across his face from Corbin
    • go to the palace and meet Myer, King of the Auranoch, who refers them to Lament Greyward, for more information on the ancient knightly orders
  • Yesher, Auranoch
    • small town along the Nadera River
    • meet Lament Greyward, retired commander of the Red Riders of Auranoch
      • explains that the Red Riders were originally one of the six ancient knightly orders
      • asks the heroes to slay a hydra that’s been seen in the area lately
    • Encounter – Hydra in the Nadera River
      • kicked its ass
    • Corbin receives a Sending spell message from Silvaras, Lana’s been captured by hobgoblins
    • the heroes rush back to Oriac
  • Oriac, Auranoch
    • meet with Silvaras
    • a caravan told him that Lana held off a hobgoblin ambush so they could escape
    • the heroes along with Silvaras set off looking for her
  • The Desert of Auranoch
    • travel a day southwest along the Highroad and find the ambush site
      • find a ton of hobgoblin corpses bearing the cracked skull, some worgs, caravan guards, and a some dead knights
    • track the hobgoblins a day south to a camp in a small canyon in the side of a mesa
  • Encounter – Hobgoblin Camp
    • base of a legion of hobgoblins, worgs, and a fire giant
    • all bear the cracked skull of the Knights Torment
    • Silvaras casts invisibility on the party and they infiltrate the camp and find Lana

Supplemental Information

The Ancient Knightly Orders

  • formed by men of the First Age to pass down tradition, knowledge, and techniques so that they could compete with the elder races
  • many of them have stories of gems from the Second Age
  • Knights Sanguine
    • became the modern day Red Riders
    • have the legend of the God’s Blood, a gem of fire and fury that could raze a stronghold to the ground
  • Knights Radiant
    • became the modern day Knights of the Halo
      • disbanded when the Empire was formed
    • had something called the Heaven’s Spark
  • Knights Zephyr
    • knights of the Locean Sea, who dominated the eastern coastline
    • slowly lost their way, eventually becoming nothing more than pirates
    • had something called the Light of Dawn
  • Knights Aether
    • knights who sought divine power
    • became the Ethereal Knights, but were wiped out
    • had something called the Spirit of the Sky
  • Knights Torment
    • hated all the other orders
    • still around
  • Knights Shadow
    • disappeared in the Second Age


Valandriel Crowbourne

The first of Myer’s half-elven twin children. Determined not to rely on her family, she joined the Temple of the Sun and became a paladin of Souladil. She fights with two swords in the blade dance style of her father.

Silvaras Crowbourne

Valandriel’s twin brother. A nasty scar runs across his face from one of Corbin’s outbursts. The sorcerer served in the Red Riders alongside his step brother.