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Ran a one shot game, that will hopefully become a bi-monthly campaign alongside my main one. Takes place in the same campaign world.

The Setup

It’s been twenty years since the Demon War ended, and surviving after the near apocalypse has been rough for many. An old adventurer and veteran of the war, Talbryn the Swift, became a patron and protector of his home village of Adeilgwyn, in the nation of Elemey, where five childhood friends grew up. On Talbryn’s coin, with his connections, and his encouragement, they were given the opportunity to learn a specific set of skills. Adventuring skills.

They receive word that Talbryn has passed away and an invitation to his funeral, which they wouldn’t miss for the world. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, they arrange for travel back home, excited by the chance to catch up with old friends and family.

But on the way, they hear rumors of goblins slinking around the area, orcs gathering across the plains, and strange cultists congregating in the forests. With Talbryn dead, is the village safe?

Scorith Heartrend, the Speedy Giant, Human Arcane Trickster

A giant of a man who possesses strength, speed, and cunning, using his abilities to swindle the rich and arrogant.

Varis “Galadiir” Bran, Half-elf Monk, Way of the Four Elements

A young troublemaker, who grew up to be serene and disciplined. Trained at a monastery in the mountains between Elemey and Ley Seren, studying elementals to incorporate their aspects into his fighting style.

Malack the Strange, Half-elf Wild Mage

Varis’s brother, who’d always been a bit odd. He ran afoul of the law in Kendreoth, and while being transported to prison, he manifested chaotic and inexplicable arcane powers.

Lowri, Daughter of Trahaern, Human Cleric of Aurasanna, Light Domain

Her father was killed in the Demon War before she was born, and she is determined to follow in his footsteps, becoming a great hero herself.

Reed Flipblade, Halfling Battlemaster

An adventurous halfling who travelled across the entire known world to join the Imperial Army, where he trained as a marksman.


  • Adeilgwyn, Elemey
    • small logging village with a couple surrounding farms
    • produces amazing handcrafted wooden figurines and statues
  • Attended Talbryn’s funeral
    • Braith, the local priestess, gave the eulogy
    • His daughter, Ceridwen, informed them that Talbryn had his throat slit
    • Only two villagers didn’t attend, Maxen Bran, Varis and Malack’s father, and Haul, who also grew up with them
    • Overhear Old Alun say his farm was raided by goblins last night, and learn that goblin raids have become more frequent since Talbryn passed
    • At the cemetery, Grey Ellis, the village elder, asks the heroes if they can see if they can deal with the goblin problem
  • Investigated Talbryn’s house
    • He was killed in front of his fireplace
    • No signs of forced entry
    • Appeared he was entertaining a guest at the time
    • Had a wooden figure of a winged hydra
    • Found a letter that said, “They are gathering the shards. -N”
  • Visited the Merry Shepherd Tavern, tended by Wynne
    • found Maxen drinking there, makes sense since he’s the village drunk
  • Went to Old Alun’s farm
    • tracked the goblins into the woods to the northeast
  • The Forest
    • It starts getting dark as they enter the forest
    • Encounter – Goblin Hunting Party
      • Malack talks with the goblins, discovers some of them don’t want to live by raiding and want to move to Sanctuary, but the boss, Rezka, wants to stay here
      • He almost ends things peacefully, but takes offense when the goblin keeps calling him ‘shara’, which he thinks is some kind of insult, instead of addressing him by name, and they fight, killing all six of them
    • Encounter – Dakma
      • find a goblin hanging from a noose trap which he got stuck in while trying to recreate one of Talbryn’s traps
      • they cut him loose and he tells them what they’d heard earlier, his tribe, the Fingerbone Tribe, is kind of split
      • agrees to bring some of the goblins out of the lair if they’ll kill the boss
      • find that ‘shara’ just means human
    • Encounter – Hungry Wolves
      • while waiting for Dakma to get his people out of the lair, Malack howls at the moon and they hear wolves howl back in the distance
      • the party stands around and chats while Malack sits off by himself and eats
      • the wolves ambush Malack, but the party drives them off
    • Encounter – The Goblin Cave
      • Varis sneaks past a curtain of finger bones, kills the two goblin guards who are sleeping, and disables their alarm bell
      • The party enacts a plan to draw out the goblins, but the goblins fortify their position inside instead
      • Lowri runs in, and calling upon Aurasanna, summons a blinding wave of radiant power that obliterates most of the thirteen goblins instantly
      • Reed hears the goblins fleeing in the pitch black behind them, and snipes one
      • they spend the night in the cave to recover
  • Adeilgwyn, Elemey
    • as they return to town, they find trails of blood in the middle of the village, Old Alun and a few other bodies, and that Talbryn’s house has been burned to the ground
    • they find the rest of the villagers and find out an armored knight and a large group of hooded figures came to the village and took Ceri, Lowri’s mother, and Braith the priestess
      • the knight had the symbol of a cracked skull on his armor
    • Maxen, Varis and Malack’s father, survived because he was passed out drunk on the ground and they thought he was dead
      • Scorith finds Maxen in the tavern and learns that the knight might have been Haul
    • the party sets out to rescue them
  • The Forest
    • Encounter – Forest Sprite
      • a sprite appears to the party, asks if they’re going after the cultists
      • says they’re heading to an abandoned church of Aurasanna and tells them about major landmarks so they can find their way
    • Encounter – Orcs
      • they hear orcs on the ridge above them, and kill them quickly in an ambush
      • find they belonged to the Bleeding Hand tribe
    • Encounter – Bridge Ogre
      • at the bridge to cross a small river, they find an ogre
      • Malack offers him 33 gold, and he lets them pass
  • The Church Ruins
    • Encounter – Graveyard
      • walking through the graveyard in front, zombie rise out of the ground under and around them, and a ghoul leaps out from an open mausoleum, while skeletons fire at them from the next wall
    • Encounter – Church Main Hall
      • the altar of Aurasanna is desecrated, blood smeared across her white tree
      • A mage, a couple acolytes, and some cultists bar their way
      • As they cut down the cultists, the mage and one acolyte flee behind the altar
      • behind the altar, they find a stairway leading upward
    • Encounter – The Sacrifice
      • the stairs leads to the rooftop where an altar to Tornara is set up, a weeping skull that drips blood into a summoning circle on the ground where Ceri, Lowri’s Mother, and Braith are chained down, but alive
      • Haul is there in black platemail, along with a priestess of Tornara, and the mage and acolyte from earlier
      • Reed goes down, Varis goes down, Lowri goes down, and Scorith goes down
      • but Scorith. Gets. Back. Up. with sheer determination
      • Malack and Scorith are both one hit from death, as is Haul
      • Malack charges forward and reaches for Haul with a shocking grasp, pumping him full of lightning, frying his body beyond recognition
      • they free the three women, saving the day

Supplemental Information

After being rescued, Ceri explains, tears streaming down her face, what Haul told her. He said that he came to Talbryn asking for help because he’d gotten in with some bad people. Talbryn welcomed him in to find out the whole story. When Talbryn went to stoke the fire, Haul came up behind him and slit his throat wide open.

When Ceri asked him why, Haul said he was tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes. Everyone thought he was only good for one thing, lugging things around. And he’d been rejected by every girl in the village. The final straw was when Talbryn gave him the short end of the stick, giving all the good opportunities to the rest of the guys. So he found his own opportunities and joined the Knights Torment. And now he’d returned to destroy what the everyone held most dear.


Ceridwen, Charming Merchant

Ceri for short, Talbryn’s daughter grew up alongside the party. Now she travels between Adeilgwyn and the capital, Caerwyn, to market the villages woodcrafts, doing her part in helping the village prosper.

Maxen Bran, the Village Drunk

Father of Varis and Malack. Since his elven wife, Galadiir, left when the kids were young, he’d fallen into a deep depression and drinks his sorrow away.

Dakma, Goblin of Fingerbone Tribe

Looking for a better and significantly safer lifestyle, Dakma and a few of his kin wanted to move to Sanctuary, where he hears that goblins can live in peace with everyone else.


Staff of Defense, “Thorngarde”

A simple, wooden traveling staff, carved from elderthorn.

It may look simple, but it will serve you better than any shield of iron.

+1 Scale Mail, “Armor of Trahaern”

A suit of shining scale, enameled in white, with the outline of the white tree traced in glimmering gold.

Your father brought Aurasanna’s light into the lives of many. He left me this. And you.

+1 Shortbow, “Tiny Fang”

An exquisitely crafted bow of Elemi design, carved from kingswood.

You’re going to shoot me with that tiny th–

Amulet of Health, “The Mountain’s Mark”

A heavy silver medallion hangs from a cracked, leather cord.

You want to fight him? Go break some boulders. You’d have an easier time of it.