So I’ve never finished a campaign, but I have just finished the fictionalized version of a campaign. And here it is, in PDF format. It’s about second draft quality, which is to say that’s it’s not completely embarrassing to have other people read it.

Reckoning Nights – The Demon War – First Edition

And here’s a guide to the player characters, per Nailz’s request.

Player Characters

Zerefin Sindefear – Andrew

Kronus Rindel – Josh

Aldren Shieldheart – Nailz

Aramis Calafalas – Dave M.

Returning Player Characters

King Myer Crowbourne – Nailz

The Firehawk, Harken Hawk – TOM

Lethias Leithkoras, Grandmaster of the Crimson Arrows – Dave K.

The Death Knight, Lord Devaul – Salam