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Can a world born from conflict ever know peace? While some may despair, we fight with the hope in our hearts that someday this struggle will end.

In the beginning, there was light and there was darkness. Aurasanna, the goddess of light, wanted harmony and peace. Her greatest joy was to see things fit together like a puzzle, finding beauty in balance. Venos, the god of darkness, wanted destruction and war. He reveled in undoing, in watching things fall apart.

And so they fought an endless battle, as Venos tried to destroy Aurasanna. But neither could defeat the other. For all his strength, Venos could not overcome the goddess. And Aurasanna, in her mercy, would not end Venos.

Realizing that he could not defeat Aurasanna by force, Venos came up with a new contest.

Together, they created a new realm–ours. Unlike either of their realms, this world would spend half the time in light and the other half in darkness, in an endless cycle. Day and night. Aurasanna sent her son, Souladil, to bring a blazing light to the day, and sent her daughter, Lunesca, to bring a gentle light to the night. Venos simply let his children run rampant, to do as they wished.

The gods would populate this new realm with creatures who could decide who they would follow. Mortals who could choose what path they would take. Each of the gods believed that the mortals would come to see their side as superior. The two gods’ war would play out here, a battle of philosophies counted in souls.

This world is a battlefield, and we are the soldiers of a timeless war that knows no end. Being soldiers, we have but one purpose, my brothers. To kill.