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One of the ancient knightly orders from the First Age and worshipers of the goddess Tornara, the Twister of Souls. They once had the full support of Warstran, counting many Stranians amongst their ranks. But with Warstran’s complete collapse after the Demon War, the Knights Torment have gone underground and gather in secret, spreading corruption and bringing new converts into the fold.

 There are two truths in life–suffering and death. All suffer. All die. Many fear suffering. Many fear death. The blind seek warmth and happiness, wealth and success, false hope and temporary succor. These are the real lies, to conceal the truth they fear deep within their hearts. Suffering is inevitable, ending only in death. To embrace this truth is to embrace the essence of life.

Supplemental Information

Codex Tormentus

Reading through the Codex Tormentus, Ezekial finds the following information:

  • The Knights adhere to their own strict code of honor
    • Speak no lies
      • their converts must see the truth for what it is and accept it, as only this may lead to real conviction
    • Strength of body, mind, and soul
      • Measured by one’s ability to withstand suffering
  • They destroy the things that people value, such as their family, friends, wealth, reputation, and sources of power; to demonstrate how fragile and transient these things really are
    • Those that grasp the truth from this are invited to join their ranks
  • Their vicars practice demonology and necromancy
  • There is no mention whatsoever of the Source, but there are some stories about a gem called the Eye of the Abyss, a window into the infinite void