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  1. Walking through the market, Tarkonus takes a crossbow bolt in the side and goes down
    1. the assassin flees through the city and Ezekial and Azeem chase him down
      1. Ezekial clambers over rooftops, while Azeem leaps over the crowd, firing arrows
      2. the assassin almost ghosted on them, but Azeem spots him and he takes off again, but Ezekial is completely turned around
      3. Azeem shoots down a clothes line and the assassin gets tripped up in it
      4. eventually catch him when Azeem puts an arrow through his leg
    2. the assassin says he belongs to the Knights Torment
      1. agrees to tell the heroes where his chapter’s hideout is if they release him, where they can find the antidote for the poison that he used on Tarkonus
      2. says he targeted Tarkonus because he’s the last Ethereal Knight
      3. they agree to release him, but after they get the information, they just deliver him to the Sentinels for imprisonment
    3. Dash and Edana tend to Tarkonus, the bolt was poisoned and it nearly killed him, need an antidote or he’ll be out for a while
  2. Ezekial and Azeem travel to the hideout, a mausoleum 10 miles out from Watcher’s Rest
    1. they take their horses, galloping as fast as they can for the first hour across gentle hills
    2. see a band of orcs with an ogre, they keep their distance and ride around them, into the forest
  3. Find the mausoleum in a clearing, at the top of a hill surrounded by many graves
    1. Encounter – Gargoyles
      1. two gargoyles fly off the top of the mausoleum
      2. Ezekial explodes one with his thunderwave spell, blowing it into chunks
    2. Ezekial tries to open the heavy stone door, fails the first time, and as he pulls it open a ghoul leaps at him
      1. Encounter – Undead
        1. the duo destroy a couple ghouls and skeletons
    3. They head downstairs and try to be sneaky, but cause a huge racket (both rolled natural 1’s)
      1. Encounter – Zombies
        1. Ezekial blows three of them into pieces with his shatter spell
    4. Make their way to the altar room
      1. the altar is a weeping skull, the symbol of the goddess, Tornara the Twister of Souls
      2. Encounter – a Knight and 4 Acolytes
        1. when it’s clear that the knight has lost, he drops his greatsword, pulls out a dagger, and stabs himself in the throat
      3. find a Codex Tormentus among other loot and the antidote
    5. decide to spend the night barricaded in the altar room
  4. Find their horses, which they’d left tied up outside, missing in the morning
    1. Azeem tracks them to a large orc encampment
    2. there’s too many, so they decide to abandon the horses and return on foot
  5. Return to Watcher’s Rest


Amulet of Health, “The Iron Heart”

Hanging from a simple silver chain is an enchanted lump of iron. It ain’t pretty, but who ever wears this amulet tends to live long and prosper.

He never got sick or tired, and in a fight, he was always the last one standing…