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Oriac, the Golden Oasis, Capital of Auranoch

Oriac, the Golden Oasis, Capital of Auranoch

Anyone who thinks the desert of Auranoch is simply a barren wasteland of sand and searing heat has never seen the wondrous city of Oriac. Built along the far-ranging Nadera river, the Golden Oasis reaches Grayfell through Lake Vermach in the south, the open seas through the Vardrin Strait to the north, and the Highroad provides an overland route to the west. The Aurani have taken every advantage of their location and resources, becoming a central hub of commerce, rivaled only by Mantyl to the east, growing rich in the process.

Nearly everyone, from the wealthiest nobles to the struggling peasants, wears light and colorful silk ensembles, earning the city its other nickname, the City of Silk.

Since the Demon War, the Sun Elves in exile have made Auranoch their new home. Many have taken up residence in Oriac, gathering in their own district of the city, while others have joined the various communities through the desert or formed their own.

I wondered why they called it the Golden Oasis. But it soon became clear to me. As I approached, gilded domes sparkled across the horizon. The people wear shining rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, all of gold. At every stand, every house, every corner, gold trades hands. And when the sun hits the sand and the water just right, they glitter–like gold. How could they call it anything else?