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  • Ezekial, a big man wielding magic and steel, Azeem, a rebellious elven ranger, and Doris, a goblin assassin, helped Cynder, a gnome magus who betrayed the Imperial Magi, escape from the Imperials
  • Imperial cavalry and a gunship chased them into the Ghostwood, a forest ghostly white trees and blackened ground where nothing grows
  • They found a clearing in the forest, a field covered with flowers
    • In the center of the field was a changeling wizard named Ruz, who had just woken up, with no idea who he was
    • As the Imperials spot Ruz, they become more interested in him
  • Combat – vs the Imperial cavalry
  • Doris reveals that she was on a mission to find a changeling wizard and return him to Sanctuary, and Ruz, apparently a target for the Imperials, agrees
  • Azeem leads them through the Ghostwood, heading towards the ruins of Mellensar
  • Combat – Haunted River vs Moon Elven ghosts
  • Search for a river crossing, and Azeem leads them to a bridge
    • Combat – Imperial Ambush vs an Imperial Magus and her soldiers
      • Corbin Sand, an Aurani warrior, aids the heroes
        • Is also heading to Mellensar, searching for an enchanted sword
      • killed the Magus
  • Mellensar, Moon Elven town ruins
    • The city is empty, many skeletons lying peacefully, everything untouched
    • Head to the town’s moonwell
      • Find the Elven Runeblade “Moonfall”
      • Combat – White dragon
        • Killed the dragon
        • First dragon seen in decades
        • Ceiling collapsed during the fight
          • Ruz gets knocked into a coma, and the gem that Ezekial had carried dissolves and flies into the changeling
          • Doris’s arm is broken


The Elven Rune Blade “Moonfall”

An enormous, yet graceful sword made of shining mithril, wielded by the Swordmaster Vanimon. The moon elf hero fell in battle defending his hometown of Mellensar against the Nagas. Delicate runes in flowing elven script inscribed along its blade glow a soft, pulsing blue when wielded, echoing the heartbeat of the bearer.

I trust the path where moonlight falls.