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  • The party decided to head east, past Imperial lands, towards Kendreoth
  • Decide to brave the marsh rather than finding a boat
  • Azeem leads them across the marsh
  • Combat – Lizardman Ambush
    • When the battle goes awry, the lizardmen flee
  • After they make it past the marsh, they enter the grasslands and meet a dwarven trade caravan
    • They meet Fulgrim Bouldershoulder, the caravan leader, and Tarkonus, a dwarven cleric, who’s traveling with the caravan
    • They’re heading the same way, to Tortaron, the capital, and decide to travel together
  • Westbrook, nation of Kendreoth
    • As they approach, an Imperial gunship is floating over the town
    • The world darkens, turning black, white, and shades of grey, blurry and indistinct, while everything sounds muddled and far away
    • A Nightmare, three stories tall, impales the gunship and it crashes next to the town
    • The party rushes forward, and the Imperials are all dead, the townspeople in a trance or stupor
    • Combat – Nightmare
      • the Nightmare eats townspeople to heal itself
      • Corbin almost kills Tarkonus in the haze from the nightmare
      • Corbin kills a man and a woman to prevent them from being eaten


Fulgrim Bouldershoulder

A dwarven trader out of Kor Duraz. His caravan transports and sells quality dwarven steel and rare mithril arms across the West, from the tundra of Kaldur in the south, the plains of Reshala to the west, and stops at Northwind in the east.