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Tortaron, City of Shields, Captial of Kendreoth

Tortaron, City of Shields, Capital of Kendreoth


  • Arrive at Tortaron, Kendreoth
    • They leave Ruz and Doris at the Mug and Trickster Inn while looking for a way to get east
    • They check the dock district in the Outer Ward, going to the Flying Drunkard
      • Meet Dash, a halfling airship captain, who’s got a ship, but no Navigator
    • While wandering the Inner Ward, they meet Reginald Pennington, a merchant of the Five Water Trading House
      • He’s looking for adventurers to recover his trade caravan, which ambushed in the Edgewood forest by “dragon people”
      • Will pay in gold and horses
    • There’s a luxury airship, the Golden Chariot, heading east towards Mantyl, stopping at major cities along the way
  • On the way back to the Mug and Trickster, flames explode out of their window
    • Combat – What’s Going On?
      • Doris laid dead in a pool of blood, stabbed by masked assassins, while across the room is a tiefling, Flinn
      • The assassins explode in a pool of acid when they’re slain
      • Flinn escapes by double teleporting out the window
    • Ezekial takes Doris’s magic ring, “Evenflow,” a ring of evasion
    • They find orders on her bearing the seal Lord Protector Zerefin Sindefear of Sanctuary and Kronus the Black to bring changeling wizards back to Sanctuary
  • They move to an Inner Ward inn, the Silver Chalice, and Azeem stays to guard Ruz
  • Meet with Pennington to discuss the details of the job
    • Tarkonus negotiates a higher payout
  • They head out north from the city towards the Edgewood
  • Arrive at Edgewood, Kendreoth
    • Find the caravan, two wagons, it’s ore and metals strewn about and strange tracks that lead deeper into the woods
    • They follow it and it leads into a cave full of “dragon people”
    • Combat – Dragon People
      • As their killed, turn into statues, explode into rust clouds or shards of bone
      • Find a red gem that’s identical to the one Ezekial had that was absorbed into Ruz
  • They return the wagons to Tortaron and find out that Dash has found a Navigator and is willing to transport them directly to Sanctuary


Dash Dardragon, Captain of the Crimson Hawk

A Delrian halfling with messy, black hair and no patience. Carries several strange weapons, short lengths of metal and wood, that hang from his many belts. Won the Crimson Hawk in a card game against a drunk merchant.

Reginald Pennington, Five Waters Trading House

A lower upper class merchant with a spacious manor in Tortaron’s Inner Ward. Stern and serious.

Flinn O’Demon, Bounty Hunter

A tiefling with a thick Kendrish accent, unkempt red hair, and curved horns like a ram. Tries to collect the bounty on Ruz, but decides dying isn’t worth the money and escapes. Wields a greatsword and possesses some magical power.


Ring of Evasion, “Evenflow”

A simple silver ring that enchanted to help the wearer avoid danger when speed is of the essence.

Can you grasp the wind?