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Watcher's Rest, Sanctuary

Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary


  • While heading to the Crimson Hawk, thugs are waiting for them on pier
    • Combat – Sore Losers
      • tried to talk to the thugs, which got them nowhere, so killed them all instead
      • ambushed by an Imperial Magus
        • saw her for a brief moment, a blond woman in black and gold robes, before she escaped
    • the Navigator, Edana, comes out and they fly east
  • Three days, travelling over Thanranon, Ley Seren, and through Sanctuary, before they arrive at Watcher’s Rest
    • fly over Northwind
    • see pegasus riders in Ley Seren, the elven forest
  • Watcher’s Rest, Sanctuary
    • first time in the city, a mix of humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, dark elves, orcs, and ogres, and a small number of other demihumans and beast races
    • head to the Spire, the obsidian tower that rises over the whole city
      • meet Jacques and Gorm, the Spire’s door guards
      • the Spire is built over the Abyssal seal, set in place 20 years ago at the end of the Demon War
    • ran into a doomsayer who said the world would end in dragon fire
  • Kronus the Black
    • apparently knows Corbin
    • Corbin also apparently has the demon lord of the Abyss, Rak’tzarmal, sealed inside of him by an 8-point spider seal
    • Ruz is actually Magus, the changeling wizard who forced a pact onto Kronus and helped the Legion take over most of the Realm, but also indirectly helped the heroes stop them
    • the Black Temple, home to the Knights Shadow, was discovered during the demon’s initial attack on Northwind
      • Magus learned about the Source, an object with the powers of creation
    • theorizes that there are six shards that correspond to light, fire, earth, wind, water, and darkness
      • it seems Magus has absorbed at least three of them
    • knows about the “dragon people,” calling them ‘draconians’
      • no one knows where they’re from
    • gives them some rewards for returning Magus

Supplemental Information

Kronus was searching for Magus because he received a strange message. It said that Magus found something, or a shard of something. But people were looking for him and he was going to see what he could do with this shard. That was six months ago. After doing his own inquires, he learned about the Source and dispatched agents to find Magus.


Edana O’Suiard, Navigator of the Crimson Hawk

A sleepy-headed Kendrish wizard who wears blue robes with long red hair. Appreciates good naps and good food.

Kronus the Black

A dhampyr warlock and one of the heroes of the Demon War. Helped build the Spire over the Abyssal Seal to protect it from the world–and the world from it.


The Elven Rune Bow “Far Cry”

An elegant bow carved from the finest kingwood, engraved with the symbols of sun and wind, and chased with gilded mithril. Carried by Ivendir, a sniper of the Crimson Arrows, into the last battle of the Demon War.

At two hundred yards, he put an arrow in each eye…

Ring of Protection, “The Watcher’s Grace”

A plantinum band set engraved with the Watcher’s Eye.

The blade missed him by an inch…

Boots of Striding and Springing, “Boots of the Desert Prince”

Allows the wearer to carry heavy loads without missing a step and make ridiculous leaps.

That’s impossible, no one could have made that jump…

Gloves of Swimming and Climbing, “Landslide”

Climb fast, swim fast. Like an expert.

The ice and the rocks didn’t bother him in the least, he just climbed up the side of Vindurslag like a spider…

Bag of Holding

A bag. It holds things. Really well.

Adventurer have a ton of gears to lug around. And loot. If only we had something that’d make everything easier to carry…